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Cheshire Constabulary – Join Cheshire Constabulary Employer Supported Policing

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a simple but powerful partnership between employers and Cheshire Constabulary.

Special Constables are volunteer police officers, with full police powers. They provide an additional uniformed presence on the streets, reassuring the public, supporting crime reduction and help to make communities safer.

The ESP programme has a number of options to allow employers to support their staff in becoming volunteer Police Officers. Organisations of any size are welcome to join ESP and there are a number of ways you can support the scheme, ranging from support to the recruitment of Special Constables through to agreed hours per month paid time off to support duties.

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Employer benefits include:

  • the unique experience of being a volunteer police officer offers a level of staff development which cannot be bought commercially
  • As a Special Constable your staff will develop many skills which will transfer to your business, enhancing your organisation and their personal resilience
  • Special Constables are widely regarded by employers as being more committed, dependable, confident and responsible in the workforce
  • Employers will have direct links with the constabulary and the communities of Cheshire, enhancing local community engagement and support.

Got what it takes? Become a Cheshire Special Constable!