Decathlon Success for The Heath Leisure Suite’s Darren Scott!

The Heath Leisure Suite’s Darren Scott is known globally as a 200m World Masters Sprint Champion, but everyone was amazed when he turned up to compete in the Masters Decathlon Championships in Birmingham over the weekend.


It was Darren’s first ever decathlon event at the age of 47, and he was in the lead going into the second day. After the 9th event Darren was in second place by 5 points with just the 1500m left. If Darren was going to win he had to beat his rival by 1 second.

To Darren’s amazement he won the 1500m in a PB of 5.11.94 which won him gold and an overall lead of just over 200 points.

It goes to show that you shouldn’t be afraid of new challenges – congratulations Darren!