Growing your business at The Heath

Should you need to accommodate extra staff or equipment post your move to The Heath we can help you plan a reorganisation of your existing space; or if this is not an option we can advise you of suitable additional or alternative space options that are currently available.

Whether you need an extra office or lab space close to your existing accommodation or need to relocate within The Heath your business address stays the same so no need for reprinting of stationery or updating the post office.

Our Accommodation Team will help you plan your new space to meet your business needs and will provide resource to make this happen in a safe and timely manner.

New Build opportunities at The Heath

For businesses wishing to create bespoke accommodation at The Heath, whilst still having access to The Heath’s extensive range of services and facilities, our design and build option is an exciting opportunity to create state-of-the-art new offices and laboratories.

Contact: Lesley Lunt T: 01928 51-5988 or E: