Heath resident Direct Affinity’s Cycle Challenge

The 9th August 2015 will see Heath Resident Direct Affinity Directors, Phil Williams and Sam Gildert take on the ride of their life! Along with several members of the Direct Affinity team, they all intend to cycle 50 miles in support of the UK charity Action for M.E.Action for M.E is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, offering support and information for sufferers and their families, as well as funding research into the condition and possible treatments.

Direct Affinity temaThis charity is very close to Phil’s and everyone at Direct Affinity’s heart. Phil’s 18 year old daughter, Lottie has battled with this condition for over 5 years.

And it was Christmas of last year, which marked Lottie’s 5 year anniversary of fighting this debilitating condition that pushed Phil to take action to gain awareness about this condition and raise funds for Action for ME.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a debilitating condition affecting some 250,000 people in the UK. There is no recognised treatment for M.E, with the majority of sufferers going through fluctuating periods of relative health and debilitating suffering.


To gain awareness and to raise a significant amount of sponsorships to make a difference to the charity, Phil knew the challenge needed to be quite a feat. Phil decided to undertake a 50/50 challenge of cycling 50 miles to each of the 5 hospitals and treatment centres that Lottie visited in the quest to regain health, whilst also losing 50lb.

This challenge would be hard enough to complete for even an experienced cyclist but at his 51 years of age – Phil has never ridden a bike. In passing conversation, it also came to light that Director Sam had also never been taught to ride a bike either.

So for the very first time in their lives the two determined Directors have taken it upon themselves to learn and cycle the journey together for Lottie.


Once everyone in the Direct Affinity office heard of Phil’s cycling endeavour, Phil’s’ wife Andrea Williams, Emma Pickering, Antony Bonney and Michael Buckley all stoically volunteered to join them on their quest.

6 months of training has seen many trials and tribulations for the team, not to mention many bruises and a visit to A&E.

Phil has lost in excess of a staggering 30 lbs in weight. With his goal weight loss target of 50 pounds in total.

Will Phil, Sam and the Direct Affinity team be ready? Stay tuned.

So far the team collectively have raised just over £3000 of their £5000 target.

To donate and support or to read more of the Direct Affinity Cycle Challenge
please visit our Just Giving Page or simply Text this code “PWME50 £”  followed by your donation amount to 70070 (eg PWME50 £20)

SOURCE: http://new.directaffinityevents.co.uk/action-for-m-e-the-cycle-challenge/