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The rail industry has seen varying attitudes to access planning. Although, for the most part, there has  always been a commitment to maximise the current safe system of work to their highest level. The new Planning and Delivering Safe Word (PDSW) process and the new ePermit system will take the industry into the future.

PPS Rail is a dedicated planning company established in 2013 by two rail professionals, Andrew Frost and John Mills, who have combined 40 years of experience within the sector.

The pair worked at various levels, delivering access planning solutions to large principal contractor companies and Network Rail on most of the largest engineering projects in the country.

High levels of investment mean the industry is evolving at a very fast pace and changes with the commencement of the PDSW process.

Combining health and safety issues at the planning stage is fundamental to the PDSW process. PPS Rail has a firm commitment to this process.

Says John Mills, “We are currently going through the process of attaining accreditation as a training provider for the new PDSW competencies.”

“We are actively encouraging our existing planners in health and safety to raise their knowledge and awareness of the risk assessment process. We believe this will assist them and our clients as part of the team compiling the ePermit.”

“Although this is a positive step for all concerned in the industry it should also be a time when we improve safety performance of all works. Evolving practices within planning, and across the wider industry, will ensure our people are not injured as a result of planning omissions or errors.”

PPS Rail is seeking to evolve the planning process, still using the best practices learnt within the industry over the past 20 years, evolving and streamlining the stems as much as is possible.

Andrew Frost added, “An effective measure to promote safety is to communicate via white board briefings and solid integration between contracting companies. This ensures the wider picture is briefed and understood by all parties involved. We are confident that this step would reduce the accident trends we are currently witnessing.”

Effective communication is fundamental to ensure the improvement of both safety and efficiency. This needs to be taken a step further, not just between a contractor’s own organisation but with all parties that have the potential to impact the safety of staff working on the infrastructure.

PPS is committed to driving this process forward to ensure that people really do return home safely every day.