Heath Resident SpheriTech is to develop ground breaking innovations in healthcare for 2017-18

SpheriTech is to develop ground breaking innovations in healthcare, expanding its medical device portfolio, supported by grants already approved for 2017-18.

SpheriTech is a Research and Development based company working in a range of markets including the healthcare industry, personal care & homecare through to agrochemicals. The company is currently working on a wound dressing, Proliferex®, which will enter into a clinical trial early 2017.  SpheriTech are also developing polymers for regenerative medicine and have recently been awarded an Innovate UK grant to develop a scaffold for hip repair.  Other developments in regenerative medicine include novel polymer scaffolds for spinal cord repair.

Moving slightly outside the tissue repair box, Spheritech has now been awarded a grant to develop a novel artificial blood substitute, SpheriSome Hb®.  Blood substitutes are of immense importance in circumstances where immediate blood supply is required but cannot be supplied through traditional blood transfusion (e.g. in trauma units, haemophilia, cases where blood can be contaminated by disease, during transplant surgery, or on the battlefield).  The number of new volunteers giving blood fell in England and Wales by 40% in 2014.  Because of this decline, the NHS says alternative supplies could become increasingly vital for its day-to-day operations.  Developing countries face safe blood shortages, 82% of the world’s population does not have access to safe blood for transfusion.

Due to the rapidly expanding workload the company will be looking to recruit new staff as soon as possible.

For further information please contact Dr Donald A Wellings on 01928 511331 or 07540803320. Alternatively email on don.wellings@spheritech.com