Laboratory Space

The Heath provides unrivalled opportunities for scientific companies looking to occupy serviced laboratory space, or even wishing to build a brand new lab facility within an existing site. Labs can be occupied immediately or can be enhanced to suit the bespoke requirements of your business.

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information Serviced Lab Space

The Heath is recognised as a scientific centre of excellence within the North West region and its dedicated Science Centre is home to some of the world’s leading scientific organisations, working on a local, national and international basis. Companies can create bespoke lab space or occupy existing facilities in a community of businesses on the cutting edge of science, research and advanced manufacturing.

Labs range from small units of 365 sq.ft (34 m2) to much larger floor areas over 5000 sq.ft (465 m2+). All lab modules are equipped with waste, water and air services. Fully vented fume cupboards, benching, sinks, write-up areas etc (if not existing) will be installed to suit your business requirements.

SOG’s project team will work closely with you to ensure your lab (and any additional office/other) space meets all your business requirements from day one. Its specialist on-site laboratory support services are also available to Heath residents and external organisations and include:

  • Scientific glass blowing
  • Precision engineering
  • Engineering and lab technician support services
  • Health & Safety services

New-build opportunities are available at The Heath for those companies looking to create their own dedicated space whilst enjoying access to a great range of services and facilities within a secure site.

Included in your serviced licence fee:

For a monthly licence fee your serviced office space at The Heath includes:

  • Rent
  • Business rates
  • Water rates (an allowance of 500 litres per lab per day is included in the licence fee)
  • Utility charges (heating/lighting/standard power/water/drainage)
  • 24/7 access to your chosen accommodation
  • 24/7 security presence
  • Lab/office cleaning
  • Reception services
  • Mail delivery and collection service
  • Stores services including goods inward/dispatch, delivery of parcels, porter services
  • Help desk service and customer care support
  • Health and safety support services
  • Maintenance of fixtures/fittings as provided by SOG
  • Car parking

Licence fees are payable monthly in advance on 1st of each month by Standing Order.

A deposit equivalent to one month’s licence fee is payable ahead of occupation and subsequently for any additional space taken as part of business expansion.

What’s Extra?

  • Telephone (ordered to suit your business requirements)
  • Broadband (ordered to suit your business requirements)
  • External postage/courier services
  • Water usage over and above 500 litres per lab per day
  • Waste disposal
  • Laundry
  • Cylinder gases


Below are examples of current space available but is by no means an exhaustive list. Please contact us to discuss your space requirements so we can best advise on the very latest options available for your business.


395 sq.ft (36.69 m2) – ideal start-up space or project location. Lab is equipped with benching, a sink and fume cupboard with extract. Separate office space is available close to all our lab locations.


1308 sq.ft (121.5 m2) – standard lab including a lab office, benching, sink and fume cupboard with extract. Separate office space is available close-by.


5025 sq.ft (467 m2) – self-contained space made up of 5 smaller labs, connected by an internal secure corridor. Capacity for extract. Office space is available close-by.