Security & Access

At The Heath we consider good security to be of utmost importance. Our dedicated team of highly trained Security Professionals take great pride in the fact that they provide a safe and secure environment for residents and their assets. Effective security is essential in our modern complex business environment and should not be overlooked when considering a suitable location for your business.

All businesses at The Heath are protected by a 24/7 security presence, 365 days a year.

All members of our Security Team are highly trained and hold a current SIA (Security) licence and are vetted in accordance with British Standard 7858:2006.


All site boundaries, entrances/exits, roadways, car parks and all building access/egress points are monitored by the site CCTV system. This is an advanced installation, which utilises the latest digital technology to monitor and record all events both during the day and at night. All images are monitored and recorded in the Security Control Centre. This enables the Security team to respond instantly to an incident as well as being able to replay recorded footage on request.


The Heath’s Security Team maintain a visible mobile patrol. Security Officers carry out regular and random patrols both internally and externally to ensure:

  • There are no intruders on site or in any buildings at The Heath
  • Windows, doors and gates are fully secure
  • The buildings and contents are safe and maintained.
  • The mobile patrol service operates 24 hours a day with the patrol officer being in constant radio contact with The Heath’s Security Control Centre. To minimise risk of would be intruders, the times and routes are varied.

Building Access

Access to The Heath’s office and laboratory space is controlled using a “Proximity Cardkey System”. The cardkey is a small plastic card which is magnetically coded and is specific to the individual to which it is issued. The system is monitored in the Security Control Room and any attempt at forced entry initiates an instant response.

Security of Offices and Laboratories

All accommodation is fitted with High Security Locks (unless a digital key pad lock or cardkey system is requested.) All furniture, such as desks and filing cabinets provided by SOG Ltd is provided with keys.

For further information about Security at The Heath Business and Technical Park please contact Security at:

Contact:   T: 01928 51-5050 or E: