SOG attends Merseyflow launch on Tuesday 28th February

Merseyflow, the information campaign created to let local residents, commuters and businesses know how the tolling system for the Mersey Gateway Project, was launched on Tuesday 28th February and SOG were invited to attend.

The event included the unveiling of the Merseyflow brand and a new website – – and a series of animations that will guide people through the process.

Both the new bridge and the Silver Jubilee Bridge will be tolled from Autumn 2017.

This means that everyone who crosses the river in Halton, wherever they live, will need to register through from summer 2017 to get the best discount deals to suit them.

Whilst registration will not open until this summer, is now up and running and is the key website for all tolling information in relation to both bridges.

The information on the new website is being published now to ensure that everyone who will use the new bridge has an opportunity to look at it and understand which approach is best for them.

SOG Financial Director Carol Thomas being interviewed by BBC at the site of the Mersey Gateway Project.

Merseyflow is also setting up a presence on Facebook and Twitter and will be working closely with Halton Borough Council and the construction team to spread the message about tolling.

The Merseyflow tolling system will be operated by Heath resident business Emovis, a global leader in tolling solutions, and which successfully operates similar schemes in the UK, Canada and Ireland.