Spheritech develop a range of biodegradable micro particles for incorporation into personal care, cosmetics and home care products

Often highlighted in the context of marine litter debate, the use of solid plastic micro particles in cosmetic and personal care products is considered to be contributing to the plastic soups in our oceans.  Many individual member companies of Cosmetics Europe have publicly stated that they will discontinue those uses in cosmetics that are most likely to end up in the aquatic environment and for which alternatives exist.

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Building on this, in order to engage the whole of the Cosmetic Europe membership and to facilitate sector wide best practice, Cosmetics Europe, the personal care association, issued a recommendation in October 2015 to discontinue their use in wash off cosmetic and personal care products for exfoliating and cleansing purposes.  Cosmetics Europe stands ready and is committed to working in partnership with the European authorities to gather scientific data to allow continued assessment of the issue.  This knowledge will facilitate scientific decision making and prioritise measures that will result in a true benefit for the environment by reducing the amount of plastic litter in the marine environment.

The problems associated with plastic particles in these products has been highlighted more recently in a number of press releases notably through the BBC, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-37161479


Heath resident Spheritech have developed a range of biodegradable microparticles which consist entirely of a single amino acid and simple fatty acids which are common in our diet. Degradation in the environment will simply return the components to the place from which they originated.

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