The Heath Leisure Suite conquers Tough Mudder 2015

On September 13th, ten brave Heath Leisure Suite instructors and members completed an impressive twelve mile Tough Mudder obstacle course as a team in four and a half hours!

Heath Leisure Suite instructor Mark Grimes said, “It is one of the toughest things I have ever done, but what an amazing experience!”.

Tough Mudder picThe course had 26 obstacles that included being neck-deep in a boggy swamp, crawling through tunnels on your back and stomach, climbing up and over 10ft high walls, muddy hills, logs, hanging off bars across water, being dunked in ice cold freezing water and getting electrocuted.

Londonesat-uk Coordinator Eileen Miller, who also took part, said “It was a great day and what fantastic team spirit we had. I don’t know many teams that will let you stand on their head to get you over an obstacle.”

For more information about The Heath Leisure Suite or to get involved with their next challenge, please visit their website page or E-mail for more information.

Congratulations team!