Local rock drummer of The Fireflys creates opportunity for all ages to learn with one-to-one drum tutoring!

Drummer of The Fireflys and one member of SOG’s Finance team, Andie Packer, presents the opportunity for all ages to learn how to drum with new ‘Andie’s Drum Tuition’ sessions. With her professional experience in gigging, she offers unique drumming knowledge to those interested.

Lessons are available for all ages and abilities, evenings and weekends, located at The Heath Business Park, Runcorn.

Andie comments, “I am offering the chance to learn from my personal experience and knowledge of gigging, band rehearsals, and studio work.

Whether you’re a beginner, have an interest in drumming or have some experience / knowledge, these sessions will help to build on drumming skills, techniques and abilities.”

So what will you learn?

  • How to read/write drum music,
  • How to tune your kit,
  • Rhythms, grooves, and fills,
  • Different styles and timings,
  • Metronome time keeping and studio tips,
  • Popular songs and play to backing tracks.

Sessions are offered as one-to-one half-hour lessons, personally tailored to you and your abilities / interests.

If you’re interested in booking a bespoke drumming session with Andie, please email andiesdrumtuition@gmail.com or send a message via ‘Andie’s Drum Tuition’ on Facebook (search ‘Andie Drum Teacher’).