As from Monday 23rd March the Cafe at the Heath will be CLOSED as requested from the government. However, the small shop we have implemented will STILL BE OPEN.

Opening Times: 0800 to 1000 hrs for NHS workers and the elderly only, 1000 – 1600 hrs open to our local community.

As instructed by the government we will only be allowing 5 people in this area at one time and we will have a coned area for these people to stand/queue.

This shop has been implemented for the people that will struggle in large supermarkets and other needs so we all feel safe shopping.

Our staff are there to help everyone and we will continue with this service until we are told we can not. All items we are selling are at COST price.

Please see items below, these items can only be purchased from the shop, we can not deliver these items as we don’t know what stock comes in from day to day.

– Pasta 5 kg bag: £6.22
– Pasta 500 g bag: 90p
– Long grain rice 2 kg bag: £2.36
– Heinz baked beans 415 g tin: 67p
– Chopped tomatoes 800 g tin: £1.40
– Tuna chunks tin 185 g: £1.38
– Heinz tomato soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup or minestrone 400 g tin: 87p
– Pot noodles- chicken & mushroom, curry or beef and tomato: £1.06
– Whole meal bread 800 g: 90p
– White bread 800 g: 87p
– Bolognaise sauce 2.2 kg: £5.89
– Tikka sauce 2.2 kg: £7.10
– Korma sauce 2.2 kg: £7.63
– Milk 2 litres: 95p
– Tray of 30 eggs: £2.69
– Toilet roll pack of 4: £1.87
– Bacterial cleaner 750 ml: £1.64
– Fairy washing up liquid 900 ml: £1.95
– limited numbers per person while stocks last

While stocks last.

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